26 Aug 2013

Waqu- Crows Nest

308 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9906 7736

After hearing good reviews on Waqu I wanted to try it out for myself. 
As I had never been to Waqu before I was extremely eager to try out their six course winter degustation at such a cheap price of $68 per person. 

Kicked the night off with their version of an amuse bouche, and what a splendid one it was. Full of flavour and really excited my taste buds, awakening them for six courses of Modern Japanese. 

Course #1 was a delightful chicken, zucchini, onion and miso soup. I can easily say this was one of the best tasting soups I have had in a while. Jam packed full of exciting and new flavours. 

Course #2 smoked king fish salmon sashimi, tomato coulis, dill cream, salmon roe, beetroot and râpées, carrot and orange râpées. 

First of all this dish was simply a piece of art. The amount of effort that goes into the preparation from the perfect salmon pieces to the tomato coulis. 
The salmon gentley smoked was gorgous, smooth and had a silky texture. Accompanied with the tomato coulis being fresh and vibrant and the dill cream adding a further creamy complexity this dish knocked me right out!

My mouth was officially awake, excited and ready for the next dish. 

Course #3 Scallop confit, kimizu sauce, wasabi infused malto powder, squid ink shari-shari.
Once again blown away from the complexity of this dish. All flavours marry together in such harmony. 
The scallops were tender allowing my teeth to glide right through the meat. 
I was quite amazed by the wasabi powder, I had never seen this before and found out the powder is made from wasabi oil. 

Course #4 Pan fried snapper, cumin spiced carrot puree, prosciutto broth with parsley oil, piment d'Espelette . The snapper had lots of flavour matched with the cumin spiced carrot puree and the prosciutto broth, there is only one word to truly describe this - Yum!
The only thing I didn't really like or understand was the bits of red onion used as a garnish.
I got a rather unpleasant surprise when one of the pieces of onion found it's way into my mouth - it kind of ruined the whole prosciutto, carrot and fish combination. 

Course #5 Roast duck, kinkan puree, spiced bread crumble, red cabbage etuver. 
I had no idea what kinkan was until the dish was presented to me. I soon found out that kinkan is a Japanese name for a kumquat! 
Once again, a piece of art. The duck was cooked perfectly, it was succulent and went surprisingly well with the kinkan. 

For an extra $8 my partner chose the Tajinma wagyu sirloin steak BMS 6+ graind fed with sansho pepper emulsion, dried olive crumbles, braised shiitake. 
Cooked to perfection the meat, being bms 6+  - meaning the meat is under the 'good' category for marbled meat. 
My partner however had issues with the colouring of the meat - he is one of those people that see's blood and is automatically turned off the food. 
I thought it was cooked lovely and I wish I could have polished it off for him though, I was saving the little room I had left for dessert. 

Course #6 Chocolate terrine, hazelnut praline icecream, banana crumble, sake-kasu sauce, mint olive oil. 
I soon found extra room in my belly that I wasn't aware existed. 
Rich chocolate with a banana crumble which mirrored a honeycomb texture, sake sauce and mint oil. WOW. 
What a dessert. Thoroughly enjoyed and of coursed devoured the whole plate. 

The service throughout the night was on the ball, my water glass and wine glass was never empty. When each dish was presented the waiter would go through what was on the dish, what it was made out of and what made it special. 
The Japanese twist to every dish was unique and showed lot's of personality. 

I left with a huge smile on my face. 

Amazing, a must in Crows Nest! 


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Bernard Tsang said...

Awww love this place!! Everything is always presented so lovely and for the price, you cant go wrong!