19 Aug 2013


85 Commonwealth St, Sydney NSW 2010
(02) 9280 2888

It's a Friday night and work is finished for the week, what is there to do? 
Try out a highly reputable restaurant of course! 

I phoned Longrain Friday afternoon to make a booking and the lady who answered abruptly informed me that they do not take bookings for groups under 6 people. 
A little bit odd I thought, maybe this is the new and hip thing to do? 
First in best dressed?
 I always thought that the people who were more organised to pick up the telephone to make a booking should always get priority - clearly not.  

Any who we arrived at Longrain and boy was it happening! 
There were people everywhere it was loud and had an energetic vibe to it.
 Extremely excited to sit and start eating we were soon informed that the wait was approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes (even at 8:45pm). 

I couldn't believe the waiting time, they should really invest in more seating. 

We decided to wait at the bar downstairs. 
Arriving at the bar, I soon realised it was busier here than in the actual restaurant. 
I just hoped that the crowds of people at the bar were not all the people who were ahead of us in the queue to eat! 

Reading the delightful list of cocktails it was extremely hard to pick one.
I had heard that their vanilla and passion fruit martini's were quite well known so I definitely wanted to give them a try. 

I am normally not a cocktail person but it was definitely a pleasant way to start the night off. 

50 minutes later we were seated
Open kitchen

Who serves cold wine in a glass with no stem?
 I was a bit surprised with this as I don't entirely enjoy heating up my cool wine with the warmth from my hands. 
I am not sure if this is a new and funky thing to do but I don't enjoy it one bit.
I think the whole concept is pointless. I therefore had to ask for a 'proper' wine glass. 

We decided to start the night off with Betel leaf, blue swimmer crab, curry powder, ginger, chilli at $6 each. Reasonable price and quite flavoursome. A nice way to start off a meal. 

Grilled tuna belly, sweet pork, green chilli, cashew nut nahm jim $36.00

At $36.00 I expected a lot more than what was delivered. 
The flavours where quite nice but to me, that's where it ended.
 The tuna was average, seared rare though lacked flavour and texture. I missed the pork in this dish? Couldn't seem to locate it. 
It was cold, boring, lacked excitement and colour. What a disaster! 

Next was the chicken green curry. Once again quite a nice flavour but i sensed that they were trying to go for the whole 'rustic feel' and it just didn't work with this dish. 
There were whole massive chunks of chicken and it was completely unappetising. 


The dish of the night was the greens. Lot's of flavour and crunch. 

To top things off our waitress had extremely bad B.O which put me off my food completely. 
Someone needs to teach this poor woman some hygiene techniques.  

Over priced, not worth the wait nor the fuss.

Definetly not what Longrain used to be - what a disappointment. 

I would however recommend the bar and the bar only.


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