26 Jul 2013

Meat & Wine Co

Meat & Wine Co 

Shop 12 Lobby The Intercontinental Hotel/117 Macquarie St

Sydney New South Wales

02 9252 7888 

This is definitely one of my new favourite restaurants! 

Walking toward The Meat & Wine Co @ The Intercontinental Hotel you are immediately welcomed by the fire at the front of the restaurant and the glowing sign that certainly makes a statement. 
We are welcomed with smiles from efficient wait staff and taken to our seats (which in my opinion were the best seats in house). 

The atmosphere and ambience of this restaurant is really hard to describe, I feel the need to say 'you have to see it to believe it'. 

What I love is the fact that The Meat & Wine Co is small, intimate and not too crowded. It's not as though they have filled the restaurant with an excessive amount of seats just to pull the figures in.

There is a beautiful bar that always catches my eye. 
The bar is definitely the centre of attention showcasing all the lovely wines (in particular Penfolds, one of my favourites) and spirits. The mood here is easy going, smooth flowing and really relaxed. After a hard days work why not enjoy the bar with a well deserved and refreshing beverage. There is no feeling of being forced to sit down and have a full 3 course meal though if you are hungry, by all means you are entirely welcomed to eat at the bar. 

Compliments on the house we were given a bottle of fantastic shiraz called Cleaver & Vine which is indeed a house wine produced by The Meat & Wine Co (this place does it all!) 

To start off the night we ordered some classic sourdough and garlic bread. 

We were introduced to our waiter 'Michael' who gave us some lovely recommendations and really helped decide on a couple of really tricky options (What sauce!? There are just so many options!) 

For my entree I chose the Szechuan Calamari- tender calamari fried with flour and szechuan seasoning served with lemon and nam jim sauce. 
My partner chose the Portuguese prawns- chargrilled prawns, eschalots, creamy Portuguese sauce served with a cabbage, capsicum and brown rice pilaf. 
(A pilaf is A Middle Eastern or Indian dish of rice or wheat, with vegetables and spices).

First of all our entrees took 5 minutes (if even that) 

This is not an exaggeration at all, the calamari was the best I have ever had. 
Certainly the most tender and flavoursome with all flavours marrying together. 
To put it in simpler terms, it was heaven in my mouth.  

The Portuguese prawns were also delicious and were such a decent serving size for an entree. 

The prawns succulent and the portuguese sauce was divine. 

(I devoured my entree) 

For mains, I decided on the Wagyu (Grain-fed 450 days marble score 6+) 300g Rib Eye served with salad and the Portuguese sauce which is spicy peri-peri, cream & garlic. 

My partner also decided on Wagyu though he was daring enough to order the huge 500g rump served with mash and a creamy garlic sauce. 

Both steaks were cooked perfectly at medium. 

I would like to make a special mention to the branded and gorgeous steak knives. 
Not only does it make the cutting of your meat extremely easy,  I think it also adds a lovely touch of personality to the table. 

My favourite time of the evening, dessert time!!! 

I was really struggling with dessert as I was not sure if I could physically fit it all in. Though of course, my sweet tooth always gets the best of me. 

I ordered the Cardamon yoghurt panna cotta and my partner ordered the Chocolate & pistachio fondant. 

You cannot go wrong with a chocolate fondant, especially one that oozes and is so rich with flavour. 

The panna cotta is by far the BEST dessert I have have ever had.

 It is original, flavoursome and has so much character on the plate. The panna cotta is set beautifully with a full and creamy texture complimented with a sweet berry compote.

What a glorious evening with attentive waitstaff and delicious food. 
I would like to say a big thank you to Michael our waiter and Katie, another floor member who was extremely friendly and inviting.

A big thank you to Bridgit and The Meat & Wine Co team. 


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