18 Jun 2013

Otto Ristorante

Otto Ristorante 
Area 8/6 Cowper Wharf Roadway
(02) 9368 7488

As many of you must be well aware by now Woolloomooloo Wharf is one of my all time favourite destinations for fabulous food.

I chose this location because I have not once been disappointed by the quality of food and service the Wharf provides. Though, in saying that there's always one catch- you pay the price!

Nevertheless I chose the lovely Otto for my Mother’s Birthday on Saturday night. 

I chose Otto because of it’s glorious reputation but also because it was one of the only restaurant’s I hadn't tried on the wharf.

For those who are unaware, Otto can be described as fine dining, Modern Italian Cuisine.

Arriving at Otto we were shown to our table at the very front outside, with an absolutely magnificent view.

Kicking off the night with a dozen fresh Sydney rock oysters, traditional caprese salad and a bottle of 2011 Garagiste Merricks Chardonnay from Mornington Peninsula VIC. 

Fresh and simple but oh so tasty.
I thoroughly enjoyed the creaminess of the Sydney rock oysters alongside the fresh heirloom tomatoes and traditional buffalo mozzarella.

Moving onto mains I chose the Tagliolini – black and white pasta, scampi, cherry tomoatoes, garlic, chilli, basil.
Also ordered was the Agnello – White Pyrenees lamb loin, eggplant and goat’s cheese pillow, spring onion, popped faro, olives and the Ricciola which was Kingfish, tomato, olive, caper, anchovy tapenade.

Not long after our entrée came out the mains. My entrée serving of the Tagliolini was a decent portion and it looked absolutely amazing. 
To think of the effort that went into each pasta piece with one side being white and the other side black. It was very trendy and tasted even better (cooked al dente of course). 
The dish had a pleasantly generous amount of scampi and the sauce was gorgeously flavoursome. 

The lamb looked divine and tasted even better. It was perfectly cooked, melted in the mouth and accompanied with the eggplant and goats cheese pillow was a match made in heaven. The little popped faro added texture and excitement to the plate.

Lastly the Kingfish was jam-packed full of flavour, faultlessly cooked and once again presentation a 10/10.
All main dishes were a knock out and we all thoroughly enjoyed (and demolished) each dish.

For dessert we shared the Stravaganza Al Cioccolato which was a chocolate tasting plate consisting of amedei milk chocolate tart, stracciatella semifreddo, hazelnut brulee, gianduja chocolate mousse, peanut butter wafer, dark chocolate ganache, cherries and milk gelato. This dessert was absolutely spot on for me. 
Not only do you have all the beautiful chocolate favourites but there is the cherry and milk gelato and plenty of vanilla bean ice-cream to tear through the decadent, rich chocolate.


(..after devouring) 

My mother finished the night with a classic and her all time favourite an Affogato (featuring walnut liqueur)

Oh one last thing - recently I have been finding it rather hard to find a decent coffee in Sydney. Rest assured, Otto made a beautiful coffee with the right amount of thick creamy and bubble-less froth

All in all we had a fantastic night with dishes that were particularly mouthwatering, fresh and which simply looked like a work of art. Our wine glasses were never empty and our waiter did his job faultlessly.

Otto Ristorante is highly recommended. 

Simplicity by Sarah

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Neil Chung said...

I've been wanting to try this place for a while. I've pretty much been to all the big Italian eateries besides Lucios and this place. You can't beat an ocean side view and cracking oysters!

Sarah Shimmy said...

It is lovely! I would like your opinion on it once you try it out!

Anonymous said...

Inspirational, thanks to you, I will have my birthday here