1 Jun 2013

China Doll

The infamous China Doll. I have heard raving reviews for this place and could not wait to try it out myself. Second on the block at Woolloomooloo wharf this place was quite booked out, even on a Tuesday night.

Greeted by friendly and professional staff we were shown to our seats and made to feel extremely welcomed. The wait staff made sure we had a drink in our hand whilst waiting for the third member of our party to arrive.

Kicking the night off with a 2010 $86 bottle of rosé -  Gros Nore Bandol Rosé - Provence France. 
The first one popped was corked (well done to the waiter who actually smelt the wine before pouring it!) though the second one was definitely not corked and such a delight to drink.

China Doll has a ‘happening’ vibe, all the staff are busy and attentive which really 
makes this place an enjoyment to sit down and relax, enjoying good food and good company.

To start off we ordered a half serving of the Chili salt squid  and another half serving of 
the Sichuan salt & pepper prawns w wok toasted chilli & garlic. 
Our waiter was very helpful and full of suggestions allowing us to do half servings of practically anything!

The squid was on a new level for just your average salt and pepper squid. The batter was not too rich, it was light with that chili bite and the squid just melted in your mouth. No constant chewing needed, it glided straight through my teeth- I was pretty much in heaven.

The Sichuan prawns were also fantastic. Cooked perfectly and the batter once again was delicious, especially with a little squeeze of lime. All of us that evening thoroughly enjoyed both dishes.
What a pleasant way to start the evening!

For mains we ordered (to share) Penang Curry of slow braised wagyu beef shin 
and the Steamed Cone Bay barramundi w chilli garlic & mustard greens.

The penang curry was amazing, the flavours erupted with every bite and the rich beef shin was definitely slow braised as it just melted in the mouth.
The barramundi – simple and delicious. Well cooked, gorgeous flavours mixed with crunchy mustard greens.

My wine glass was never empty not once did I have to ask the waiter for anything. 
Very pleased with how the night panned out of course I wanted to try dessert!

We ordered the dessert platter and the white choc & peanut butter slice w raspberry jelly salted peanut sesame ice cream.

The dessert platter consisted of a sago pudding w vanilla coconut cream & passionfruit coulis, black sticky rice with seasonal fruit and a selection of sorbet and ice cream. This platter was fun, interesting and tasted great. Definitely not something the average person would try though I was more then happy to give it a go. The sago pudding was full of flavours and textures which I adored, the black sticky rice was a flavoursome and comforting dessert, the sorbet and ice cream cleaned the pallet after both decadent desserts.

Finally the white choc and peanut butter slice- magical! The slice itself was rich and full of flavour but what really topped it off was the pieced of pomegranate which really cut through the richness of the slice giving bursts of flavour and freshness I absolutely loved this dessert.

China Doll’s modern take on Asian cuisine is really something special and something you must try.
 I thoroughly enjoyed myself with impeccable and spot on service, friendly faces, intelligent and flavoursome food (with little to no waiting time) and a spectacular view off Woolloomooloo wharf.

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Lucy said...

What about the broccolini!

Sarah Shimmy said...

Oh my how could I possibly forget the broccolini :(

joey@FoodiePop said...

Love the underrated food here. The banquet is excellent value too; the time we did it we were so full we had to take a doggy bag and they were so obliging, even keeping the food warm until we left the restaurant. That's service!