18 Apr 2013


Wild Fire
ground level, overseas passenger terminal 
circular quay west Sydney 2000 
phone: 8273 1222


The first time I ventured to Wildfire was midweek, I was utterly impressed and couldn’t wait to return. The view of Sydney harbour was astounding, the service was impeccable and the food was a pure delight. The layout of the restaurant is one of my favourites, it is an enormous restaurant with spectacular views, a seafood bar, an open kitchen, high ceilings and a feature wall of wine bottles.

 Indulging in the fresh seafood platter for only $85 was a dream come true. A variety of freshly poached crustaceans and live shellfish are served over ice with a selection of traditional condiments and dressings: Sydney rock oysters, Blue swimmer crab, Alaskan king crab, Balmain bugs, King prawns, Yabbies, Potted crab, Daily Crudo. Accompanied with Iceberg hearts, soft boiled egg, pickled anchovies, cornichons, aioli.

The seafood was well presented, fresh, full of flavours of the ocean and the seafood platter was very generous with servings. I was extremely happy with how fast the platter came out, the service from the waiter was a little lacking though I could see he was assigned to a very large section which would be quite difficult. I ordered a MÖet & Chandon brut rose which was $26 by the glass. I was extremely disappointed when my almost thirty dollar glass of bubbles came out with no bubbles and was completely flat. Shocked, I notified the waiter it was flat and to bring me a glass which actually had bubbles present. Nevertheless the waiter returned with (to my relief) a glass with bubbles- joy!

Despite this incident I still left with a smile on my face, satisfied.

Returning to Wildfire a week and a half later on a busier Thursday night, what a nightmare. We were seated and it took over 15 minutes just to get our drinks ordered. The hostess should sit you down and ATLEAST ask if you want water to start with. Eventually almost half an hour later we got our food orders in. Once again I ordered the seafood platter this time accompanied with a basic green salad with champagne vinegar. First of all this salad never arrived, who knew it was so hard to put together lettuce and vinegar? When the seafood platter did arrive I was shocked and disgusted at the quality of seafood I had in front of me. The crab texture was dusty and gooey which meant one thing- this seafood was not fresh. It had clearly been frozen. The bugs were disgusting everything besides the prawns were repulsive and inedible.

Appalled, I sent the seafood platter back explaining to the waitress the issue and how it was simply inedible. Mind you my partner not knowing much about seafood had eaten over half the platter..

The waitress came out with some extra bugs instead of the crab, these bugs were just as bad. Completely unsatisfied I had to order dessert as my stomach was still half empty.

The desserts I ordered off the menu are not on the menu anymore but they were the highlight of the meal. I once again orderd the MÖet & Chandon brut rose and warned the waitress to give me a glass out of a new bottle which had preserved bubbles. Having warned her I stupidly assumed the glass would come out as I required, no it was still slightly flat. A little better then last time so I let it slip and unfortunately had to drink a $26 glass of champagne worth nothing over $10.

The end of the night arrived and so did the bill. The seafood platter and the salad were both taken off the bill. At least they got something right!

Horrible second experience and unfortunately I will never return.

First experience 8/10 second experience a mere 4/10 (4 for the view, layout and the desserts).


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