2 Apr 2013

The Winery

The Winery
285A Crown Street,
Surry Hills Sydney

Saturday night and contemplating where to venture to? You must give The Winery a go!

Amongst the swarms of people queuing just to get a seat at this two story treasure is one of the best places at the moment in Sydney.

Not only is the food fantastic, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is fun! Candles lit throughout the venue, the lights are dimmed and the people are happy and excited to be there.

If you are after a romantic night here, I would choose a week night.

If you are after a great place with friends, any night is the right night.

This is my kind of place, a huge wine variety, lovely cocktails and finger-licking good food.

The highlight is the Coffin Bay oysters at  3.8 each with vinegar & shallot pearls. The oysters are full of creamy goodness. The vinegar & shallot pearl are out of this world!! Yes, they slightly explode in your mouth (identical to caviar) but don’t let this put you off. The combination is heavenly and goes down a treat with a sip of Chardonnay.

Sweet pea, mint & feta salad, young shoots, honey – yum. What a fresh dish, when you are out not many people want something heavy as it can cause bloating and tiredness. Everything in this dish is fresh – the sweet pea, mint & feta are lifted to an even lighter level with the drizzle of honey dressing.

Cheese board with 3 cheeses, lavosh, homemade quince jam. Generous portions of each cheese, and the quality is particularly noticeable. Try any cheese with the roasted walnuts on the board- the textures melt in your mouth.

For those who are a little more on the regular side try the chorizo & veal sausage roll, home made chilli jam. Although yes this is a sausage role, it is executed very well and tastes great.

These are just a few of the many tapas available on the menu. The winery also have main meals for those who are on an empty stomach.

The ONLY downfall was the fact I wanted more oysters and they were all out – come on guys stock up on oysters, especially on a Saturday night!


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