14 Apr 2013


614 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
 9266 0866

Looking for a funky, hip and new place to eat Japanese cuisine?
Look no further than Mizuya.

Walking into Mizuya you get an awesome vibe, they have a whole new outlook on dining out. Mizuya is filled with some-what private booths and in the private booths are touch screen menus where you place your order.

When I first saw this I thought it was fun, engaging and definitely something new. It is also a very smart way to limit service. Touching the screens you are able to scan through the whole menu with pictures. If you are new to Japanese the pictures really help you decide what looks good and maybe what you’d want to steer clear of.

The food here is always consistent, it’s delicious Japanese food and comes out very quickly. One thing to remember is do not walk into Mizuya and expect service. They are all there for one thing – to bring your food out. You need to remember the purpose of the touch screen menus – the waiters do not want to do anything out of their job description.

A couple of things you need to try whilst at Mizuya;

The cocktails- they have all sorts of different cocktails from fruity to chocolate to espresso you name it.

Hot pot - the hot pot is always fun especially if you are sharing with a few people as you may all pick your favourite ingredients. The hot pot simply comes out as whichever base or broth you choose i.e. hot and spicy. Then you add your ingredients, I always like to have the marbled beef, some rice noodles and lots of veggies.

Sashimi- the sashimi (raw fish) here is always fresh and enjoyable. The salmon is always a safe way to go if you are new to sashimi, but why not give the raw beef tataki a go? – if you’re up for it!

Green tea crème brulee- the green tea crème brulee is definitely something different and its delicious! This dessert still has the creamy texture and the crisp top just as the average crème brulee however, with a green tea surprise!

I always have fun here, with the right crowd and the right choices from the menu you can’t go wrong.

7/10 – the 7 is simply for the ambience, food and drinks but not for the service.

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