23 Apr 2013


10/6 Cowper Wharf Roadway, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
1300 546 475

Special occasion where to go? Woolloomooloo wharf of course!

Kingsley’s at Woolloomooloo has quite a name to live up to, the reviews are all to high standards with a good rating.
Monday night and Kingsley’s was one of the fullest restaurants at the wharf. If you ever have visitors or want to go somewhere really special I could pretty much recommend all of the restaurants along here. Crinitis, Manta and Kingsleys are all favourites on my list with China doll and Otto- not too far away from being experienced on my to-go list.

Entering the restaurant I am straight away greeted by a lovely man who took us to our table, introducing himself and a couple of favourites and specials on the menu. At the moment Kingsley’s has a special which is a glass of dom perignon and half a dozen of rock oysters for $50, pretty awesome! Although this entrée seemed rather appetising I had my eyes on the crab and also my eyes on my wallet!

The service so far was brilliant, each waiter was extremely helpful with many bright suggestions to try help improve and satisfy your dining experience at Kingsley’s.  I honestly love this location, it is by far one of my favourites. Sitting out the front under a heater and enjoying the slow movement of the wharf with the Sydney CBD as a backdrop, what more could you want?

Starting off the night we ordered a bottle of Scarborough chardonnay (of course) and two servings of Alaskan crab. One of the servings was salt and pepper and the other was chilled. The waiter suggested if we wanted more then one serving to try both as you get to thoroughly indulge and appreciate the crab in both ways. The salt and pepper was magnificent, not too salty, not too peppery and not too much batter, just a subtle taste which intensified the crab’s natural flavours.
The winner though was the crab on it’s lonesome, the flavours and textures of the Alaskan crab were astonishing. The succulent crab meat complimented with the tastes of the Alaskan ocean. This is what my blog is all about, simplicity at it’s finest.

We then carried on to have more crab, mud crab this time. Which was served Singapore chilli style- wok fried with a hot, sticky tomato, chilli and black bean sauce. Warning if you are on a first date, this is NOT the dish to order!! It is extremely messy, sticky and tricky- but oh so good!
This dish is the crab version of American ribs. Executed extremely well, making me want to travel to Singapore. The flavours were not too intense, the crab meat still shone through with my back pallet tickled by chilli tomato and black bean.
The crab meat itself was lovey, mud crab is always a winner in my eyes. It has a beautiful flavoursome taste to it which I always enjoy. Definitely a favourite!

For sides we had chips (which went untouched) and a sugarsnap, pesto and tomato salad. Sugarsnaps are baby peas still in the pod which are extremely crunchy. The crab accompanied by this side gave some texture and crunch to my dinner.

Finishing off I had the crème brulee served with a berry compote and my partner had the meringue pie which had citrus flavours served with ginger cookies. The waiter brought my partners meringue pie out with a candle (it was his birthday) which was definitely a nice touch and much appreciated!

My brulee was a bit of a disappointment unfortunately. The sugar one top was far too thick and overpowered the whole dish. Though the meringue pie was lovley and light, a nice way to finish off the meal. The citrus and the ginger married very well together and was a delight to eat.

One downfall was the fact the table next to us had eaten and finished dessert 10 minutes after us and their table was cleared first. A minor downfall all in all I had a tremendous night.

Kingsley’s on Woolloomooloo wharf- highly recommended.



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