3 Apr 2013

Blu Water Grill

Blu Water Grill
Shop B21, cnr Florence & Hunter St 
Hornsby, Sydney

To start off I really don’t know what happened to Blu Water Grill. I remember joyous years not too long ago where the service was brilliant and the food was even better. I believe there must have been a change in chef because the food is, in all honesty, confused.

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I did not take pictures, I was not impressed. The only reason I am reviewing is to warn my fellow locals. The seafood linguine was clearly from a frozen seafood mixed packed and tasted like it hadn't even properly defrosted.

 I left completely unhappy and totally unsatisfied with a $100 bill only to be chased down the road from one of the waiters accusing we had paid the wrong bill and ran off.  The waiter was so rude and practically forced me publicly to return to the restaurant and pay the extra amount for food that I wouldn't even pay $10 for.

Visit no.2
Ridiculously I returned, HOPING, PRAYING things might be better. 

I ordered the Macadamia crusted barramundi fillet, baked, bok choy, celeriac remoulade 
& lemon wedge 28. First of all my mistake for not reading that this dish had BOK CHOY in it. I looked at the dish and it was horrible, the macadamia ‘crust’ was huge chunks of raw macadamia lying on top of a flimsy piece of barramundi. Underneath was the celeriac remoulade- which was merely an overpowering coleslaw and the confused pieces of bok choy, oh and 2 beans? This dish made no sense and was one of the worst things to have ever entered my mouth.

My partner ordered the Cape Grim 300g 100 day organic grain fed NY steak grilled w/ porcini butter 
baked chat potato, onion & bacon 29. He asked for medium and it came out not rare but blue. Is there a qualified chef in the kitchen? It honestly makes me wonder. Disgusted with the food I had received I then left with a $180 bill.

Over priced, poor service and disgusting food.

I will never return. 1/10 (the score of 1 is for the wine, and the wine only.)

Simplicity by Sarah 
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